Our Story

Our Mission

At Tenlea Hunter, we’re on a mission to say whoa, slow down fashion & enjoy the ride. We consider slow sustainable fashion to fit within two categories: those pieces that are sustainably sourced and produced, and those pieces that are considered to be lifetime pieces. Hence our “lifetime collection” was formed. The lifetime collection includes luxurious fabrications and classic styling as well as unique, ultra-rare and special keepsakes that cause our hearts to flutter.

While we’re still in the process of producing our sustainable namesake collection, we invite you to explore our highly curated and special lifetime collection.

Behind the TENLEA HUNTER Collection

The Tenlea Hunter core collection was curated over a 16 year time span and spent over 18 months in development. This isn’t a race for us. This is a passion project led with our hearts and our desire to slow down the fashion world, offering you luxurious sustainable styles proven to stand the test of time.

The collection is inspired by pieces our founder has owned and loved and (albeit owning a luxury clothing boutique all of those 16 years), still held onto in her closet and were worn “on repeat.” These styles have stood the ultimate test of time.

Our core value is sustainability, whether that comes from the most luxurious fabrics made from recycled and organic yarns to zippers and buttons made from recycled plastic bottles, our confidence in the collection comes from the immense attention to detail in our research and sourcing. We can’t wait to share the collection with you! Sign up for our email list to stay connected with us. 🧡